For the freedom of individuals and organizations from the limits of their minds.

The Goal

Digitization, agility, radical cooperation, autonomy, effectiveness, getting things done, and even more radical cooperation.

The Barriers

Our individual and collective perceiving, thinking, judging, deciding and acting. In short: our mindsets.

The Way

MyndLeap – How do I learn to perceive individual and collective mindsets? How do I add to and change a mindset? And how do I leap into a different mindset, or even leap out of mindset altogether?


MyndLeap is specialized in the development of individuals and groups towards more freedom, openness, and the opportunity to overcome old limitations and create room for new options.

„You can´t see, that you can´t see, what you can´t see.“

Heinz von Foerster
MyndLeap opens your eyes

The MyndLeap Course

Why is mindset important?
What is a mindset composed of?
How does a mindset develop?

How do I recognize my mindset?
How do we recognize our collective mindset?
What beliefs do I have / do we have?

Which dimensions of movement are possible?
How can I change my mindset?
How can we change our collective mindset?

WHow can I apply and integrate the continuous evolution of my mindset in my daily life?

Do I need a mindset?
Who am I without mindset?
How can I live a truly fulfilling life?

The Leap Movement

Each layer has its own language.
We include all layers of language in every phase of our work.

4 layers of influence through which we can affect the world and our existence

Principles for MyndLeap Work


Mindset work must be self-determined, there is no „correct“ or ”wrong” mindset, and no one can tell anyone else what mindset they should have or work towards.


Mindset work requires a holistic perspective that focusses on our whole being, our histories, and our environment, not only on our thinking.


We support people in discovering how they limit themselves, so that they can transcend these limits and discover new possibilities for themselves and among themselves.


Mindset work requires an atmosphere of trust and psychological safety and the explicit agreement and commitment with regard to the limits and responsibilities of everyone involved.

Coaching Model

The five leaps as experienced by the Coachee

Work with the Collective Mindset

The five leaps as experienced by groups and teams in organizations

Requirement: psychological safety


Basic Thesis

Each person acts from an individual mindset. [as a part of their personality]
Human communities acts from a collective mindset. [as a part of culture]

What is a Mindset?

A mindset comprises personal or collective dominant attitudes and thought patterns, as well as basic attitudes, convictions and beliefs.

Why is Mindset important?

A mindset is highly dependent on perceptions, feelings, thinking, decisions and behavior, and has an effect on the shaping of relationships, group dynamics, group identity and culture.

How is Mindset created?

An individual mindset develops over the course of a lifetime and continues to develop. It is shaped by education, social context [values, norms and rules, as well as the collective mindset] and is influenced by experience. [learing]

A collective mindset is created by the subconscious passing on of specific thought patterns, attitudes and beliefs. [e.g. through traditions, community rituals and symbolic systems]

When/Why should one work with Mindset?

A mindset shapes the available room for thought, decisions and behavior, thus opening up possibilities, as well as limiting possibilities.

Is a Mindset changeable?

A mindset can be changed. Reflection on, awareness of, and active engagement with mindset, opens up spaces and possibilities for movement and development. By moving an individual mindset, the collective mindset can be influenced and vice versa.

The MyndLeap Team

  • I understand the purpose and goal of mindset coaching.
  • I have established a safe and trustful relationship with my coach, allowing me to be completely open.
  • I am fully committed to the coaching process.
  • I understand how mindset has developed over the course of my life.
  • I can identify the contents of my mindset using tools that bring awareness of thoughts, beliefs, biases, life stories, patterns, feelings, and sensations.

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